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can you guys literally take not even two seconds out of your day to reblog this. My sister and her best friend have been missing. Even if you don’t live in the Cape Coral/ Ft Myers area, anything will help.


Human Feelings as Drugs

I’ve realized I had been witnessing for a long time a lack of feelings, those feeling that are at the base of human interaction, cooperation and well-being generally.
Although good human interactions and feelings always find a way to be expressed, the hectic lifestyle we are immersed in makes things more difficult, and the high stress levels sometimes lead people to find recovery using medications, pain-relief drugs and so on…
The high street market offers a complete range of drugs that should help people recovering from a huge variety of illnesses and their symptoms… but what if those symptoms were only a lack of satisfaction on a spiritual level?
I have created a series of alternative medicines, vials that contain concentrated amounts of human feelings and ways of interaction such as Love, Empathy, Peace…
I wish they could really work!…but my aim is to show them as a reminder of what sometimes are the only necessary things to live a better and brighter life.

Valerio :)

elatrometer replied to your post: going to see if I can find things for dinner now…

that would be amazing.

I have no idea how it would even work yet except that the very idea makes me extremely happy so *u*

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sdkjbgs THAT REACTION GIF but omg can you imagine Jo fighting Heartless swinging her giant key around with mage!Sam and fighter!Dean at her side

while Nobody!Anna manages to give us all even more feels than Anna does normally

going to see if I can find things for dinner now but for your daily silly crossover AU idea:

Jo as the chosen Keyblade hero

Sam and Dean as her sidekicks

the angels as Nobodies

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1) birth by sleep fjsaifjeiwjfeiwa 2) that is a beautiful gpoy

BIRTH BY SLEEP IS SO GOOD she’s lent me it mostly to finish Ven’s story because she is the Ven to my Roxas at our DW RP and sdjkbgjlsg oh my godddd all my KH feelings are re-surging like a horde of especially excitable bunny rabbits. Also the command system and the D-links are so nifty? Like I thought they were a bit weird at first but I have grown to love them ;A; and I’m hoping I can borrow it long enough to play Aqua and Terra’s stories as well because Aqua is perfect and I want to see more of Terra again because it’s been 2 years since I watched all those cutscenes, ha ha :’>

that gpoy is basically the story of my fandom life

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“look, i get it. you think i’m nuts. if i were you, i’d think i was nuts. but it’s all true. the end is coming. this demon, lilith, is trying to break the sixty-six seals to free lucifer from hell. lucifer will bring the apocalypse. so…smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.”
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Hello tumblr!

I apologise for my absence the past couple days c: Yesterday was spent AFK hanging out with my bff and doing Scouty things and today I was working again

I would however like to share the amazing thing my best friend made for me yesterday:

I was playing Birth By Sleep (because when it came out I just spoilered myself and watched the Japanese cutscenes on youtube, I haven’t actually played it till now) and I got up to the part in Ven’s story where he runs into Lea and Isa

and I held out until “I want everyone I meet to remember me” before I finally gave up and screeched “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” before flopping over

and then she decided that’d be an excellent time to throw a beanbag on top of me and make this while i was crushed by feels

frankly, I think this is the only gpoy I will ever need for the rest of my life